Copperwood Environment

Part 632 of Michigan’s Non-Ferrous Metallic Mining regulation clearly outlines the studies required as part of a mine permit application. In September 2011, Orvana submitted the Part 632 application to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (“MDEQ”) and received the mining permit in April of 2012.  The wetlands, discharge, and air-quality permits are currently being reviewed by the MDEQ.

Orvana is committed to responsible environmental stewardship in preparation for a potential mining operation. Orvana’s priority is to operate in full compliance with all regulatory requirements and permits, and supports the goal of environmentally sustainable economic development. The Company is committed to developing and operating its projects in full compliance with recognized international and local standards. Orvana is proud of how it designs and builds the required infrastructure in such a way as to minimize its footprint.



  Drillhole Locations

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Rock Pile Drain

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